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YEKOH Cosmetics

Luxurious, Innovative,

colorful and vegan cosmetics

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Revolutionary liquid foundation

Customized color texture

that transforms makeup in color

High-coverage undetectable

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The YEKOH Cosmetics manifest

A positive beauty, or nothing

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#eco friendly

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3/4X free of charge 3D Secure

Vegan products

Eco-responsible packaging

Committed and united

Toutes les couleurs de ta beauté

Your beauty shows its true colours               

All of us are unique, different, coloured. Beauty can be expressed through no end of colours, textures and materials. Your beauty deserves a tailor-made treatment that will enhance its originality. At Yekoh cosmetics, we chose to adapt our formulations to each skin colour, and not the other way around. The ingredients of our complexion skin products adapt to all kinds of carnations and undertones. In our opinion, elegance at its utmost is a makeup that cannot be seen, but highlights what is already here.

Toutes les couleurs de ta beauté 2
L'association YEKOH : tournée vers demain

Innovation, purety,

We think nowadays,choosing what you apply on your skin is the highest point of luxury.We left no stone unturned,so that the world of cosmetics opens up to modern ,innovative, transparent formulations. The results is here for everyone to see :a tailor-made gamut of products that will meet all your demands. We even developed new combinations for your skin only!

Our products have an exclusive formulation,validated by makeup artists and skin experts. They contain no oil-derived products and are eco-friendly.

The association YEKOH :
looking to the future

Beauty is even more radiant when it is shared. Our experience has shown us that it is by daring to think outside the box that we can move mountains. That's why we created a humanitarian aid programme: the YEKOH association. YEKOH helps orphans and mentally ill people all over the world. With every purchase of YEKOH Cosmetics, you fund our charity work with those in need. So that by making yourself more beautiful than you already are, you can also help make the world more beautiful.

L'association YEKOH : tournée vers demain

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