The association YEKOH

5% of each order donated in favor of orphans.

Presentation of the YEKOH association


YEKOH was founded at the same time as YEKOH Cosmetics. We choose to cultivate individual beauty while making the world more beautiful and fair. Our association is dedicated to orphans in underdeveloped countries and to all those who need it. It is there to facilitate their access to housing, education and health and to spare them the drifts of prostitution, delinquency or drugs. You too can help.

* video : YEKOH's story author: Dr M J Fotso

The word of the founders

"We were both orphaned at a very young age. We were confronted very early on with the difficulties that oppose the dreams of orphans. It is therefore natural that we chose to devote our efforts to them. We attach great importance to their education, because it is thanks to it that, before them, we managed to escape from misery. You don't choose to be an orphan, you don't choose your family or your country - but you can choose who you become if you receive the necessary help. This is our struggle yesterday, today and tomorrow."

Eveline Njiena (physician-radiologist, founder of YEKOH Cosmetics) & Irina Chevalier (image consultant), founders of the YEKOH association.

5% of each order donated to the association

When you buy YEKOH Cosmetics products, 5% of your order amount is automatically donated to YEKOH. So you too can contribute to a better future for orphans here and abroad. Would you like to help us in other ways? You can make a donation to our organization. Simply contact us at Your support is essential: thank you, on behalf of all the orphans.

Our missions and our current projects

  • Creation of a school and a medical aid structure in Cameroon and Cuba.
  • Development of a school support program.
  • Construction of orphanages.
  • Donations to hospitals and schools.
  • Granting of scholarships