Our guideline

We work for a virtuous and responsible beauty.

to a beauty more respectful

We make it a point of honor to offer you high-performance cosmetics that evolve in harmony with the living world. We have therefore chosen to renounce most of the dispensable controversial ingredients in our formulas. We do so without hesitation because we know that there are other alternatives, closer to your expectations and in line with contemporary challenges. YEKOH Cosmetics evolves with the times, while looking to the future.

our products do not contain...

  • Animal dyes (carmine)
  • Mineral oils (petrolatum, vaseline, kerosene)
  • Parabens

to a more ecological more ecological

YEKOH is symbiotic with the word "eco". We are naturally environmentally conscious because the content is as important as the container. We take the easy way out and consciously build your beauty by collaborating with rigorous actors.

There is no such thing as zero impact, but let's make sure it's minimal. We are making progress every day in this direction.

Our packaging are bio-refined

  • Eco-responsible
  • Biodegradable
  • Our written pallets are made of high quality cardboard
  • Our plastics are recyclable

to a more more Ethical

Because our universe is composed of women and men with different and complementary skin colors.

Our harmonious palette ethically meets your requirements. Our color scale is adapted to women and men with skin colors from very light to very dark in order to bring light and comfort.

Our cosmetics are...

  • Cruelty free (in accordance with European regulations in force)
  • Vegan
  • Anti-allergenic

to a beauty more demanding beauty

Our choices and commitments pose new challenges in the beauty and cosmetics sector. Renouncing certain substances or well-established habits requires a constant re-evaluation. Our vision of beauty is demanding because it takes time to innovate and not to disappoint. Thanks to our cosmetic experts united for your beauty, YEKOH is constantly monitoring the evolution of raw materials. Our measured choice will bring you luxury and innovation. That's true luxury.

We collaborate with...

  • make-up artists
  • doctors
  • scientists
  • skin care professionals
  • image consultants